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is a former staff member of
the Physics Division at the
Los Alamos National Lab.
He researched directed-
energy devices, such as
terawatt laser and neutral
particle beam systems, for
which he was awarded a
Laboratory commendation
for Distinguished Performance.

Dr. Gamble holds an M.E.
in nuclear science and a Ph.D.
in mechanical engineering.
He also completed a
postdoctoral fellowship in
materials science at the
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology.

"Excellent piece of work— I enjoyed ZEROSCAPE very much! It crackles with inside knowledge, memorable characters, great science, and a terrific sense of place, both of Los Alamos and Santa Fe. Great plot, full of twists and turns and surprises."
—Douglas Preston #1 New York Times bestselling author

"The story races along, the stakes are huge, and Michael Gamble is an insider writing about one of the most interesting places on our vulnerable planet. ZEROSCAPE has indelibly altered my perception of America's nuclear weapons design epicenter."
—Clifford Irving #1 New York Times bestselling author

"Michael Gamble's novel, ZEROSCAPE, provides an engaging look at internal politics and security problems at the Los Alamos Laboratory. The characters are fascinating and the story moves along in such a way that it is difficult to stop reading."
—Dr. Stanford Lehmberg Author of The Later Parliaments of Henry VIII

"Michael Gamble packs plenty of insider secrets and science into his dynamite debut techno-thriller ZEROSCAPE. On top of delivering a smart and satisfying read, Gamble takes on the question—what happens if the forces of nature rise up against humankind's most destructive technologies? Get ready for an all-night read!"
—Sarah Lovett Bestselling author of Dantes' Inferno

"The story in this novel has more twists and turns than an Olympic gymnastics team. A young physicist, Rick Adams, is hired to work on a top secret weapons system at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. He soon becomes embroiled, deeper and deeper, in an international espionage plot and a series of murders, controlled by a mysterious puppet master. Many of the characters in this story are not who they seem to be. Rick has a secret ally, at first unknown to him, who had observed a murder by the puppet master 30 years ago. I will not be more specific to avoid revealing the surprise ending."
—Jonathan DuHamel Reviewer, Tucson Citizen Full Review

"Author and scientist Michael T. Gamble has created a thinking man's thriller. In ZEROSCAPE the reader learns enough real science from a real scientist to excite the inquiring mind and reads enough about satisfying sex to remind us how human we are, all in the exotic locale where there exist side by side the powers of Apache magic right up to the property line of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the hills above Santa Fe.

Such a tale can be told only about that interesting part of the US in northern New Mexico where Los Alamos and Santa Fe live together in uneasy harmony by an author who knows both very well. In ZEROSCAPE Gamble brings us the excitement of brainy humans racing to perfect protection from a threat to national security in the form of a bona fide nuke killer needed to counterbalance threats from a remnant of the Cold War (Can it be North Korea?). Gamble has filled his story with well developed and colorful characters from the ethnic and social mix that exists only there in northern New Mexico.

In ZEROSCAPE a brainy laser scientist leaves an associate physics professorship at MIT because of serious professional and personal reasons to become an expatriate New Mexican under contract to the Los Alamos Lab's project to develop a super powerful gamma ray laser capable of neutralizing the electronic brains of hostile guided missiles. Such an attractive outsider quickly becomes an exciting target of some busy and serious enemies of the United States while interesting locals provide his downtown erotic thrills.

Michael Gamble has carefully paced the story in mostly short chapters that quickly move the action -- geographically and in mood -- around Los Alamos, Santa Fe's nightlife and local music scene, and Indian lands and culture. It leads to a climax on a mountainside near the lab where Indian culture meets modern science and moves on to an unexpected conclusion. This is a very good read from an informed author."

—TomofSantaFe Reviewer, Amazon.com Full Review

"This novel provides a tantalizing look at how nuclear espionage might play out at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The fact that it's written by a scientist who was previously employed there gives it an especially authentic flavor. We're given an insider's view of the rivalries and politics at the inner sanctum of our nuclear weapons program, and that view is quite sobering, complete with foreign agents, security lapses, murders, and more.

Not to worry if you're not well-versed in nuclear physics- the author has a knack for making the underlying science both believable to the scientifically sophisticated and clear to a general readership. The plot is intriguing, the pace very crisp, and the characters engaging. Gamble's love of skillful wordcrafting is everywhere in evidence, as he employs vivid descriptions to paint the various scenes. This book is an engrossing and enjoyable read and it goes quickly because you don't want to put it down! Kudos to this new author for an action-packed 5-star thriller!"

—Karen Cohen Reviewer, Amazon.com Full Review

"I really had my doubts about this book. It was suggested and suggested by others. Now I'm glad that I started it because I couldn't put it down. This "novel" is great. For the past forty years I have worked with and around scientists and engineers, bikers and hookers, Hispanics and Native Americans, cops and bad guys. The author(his first book?)built some characters that I felt that I not only knew them, but knew them well. As in - "I knew that guy. And do you remember his cousin?" Some readers might be put off a little by Mr. Gamble's use of scientific names and terms, but the story would be unrealistic without them... Mr. Gamble is not Daniel Silva or Michael Connelly, but he is good and he has developed some characters and style that I hope he continues with... Go buy or borrow this one. I'm ready for his next one."
—theFLORIST Reviewer, Amazon.com Full Review

"I read Michael Gamble's novel ZEROSCAPE some time ago, but have not dismissed it from my thoughts. I usually enjoy reading nonfiction and was skeptical when the book was recommended to me. A former Los Alamos scientist writing an exciting and emotionally engaging book was difficult for me to imagine. And thrillers ... aren't they supposed to be all pacing and no character development? This one was different.

ZEROSCAPE's rich characterizations of the New Mexico landscape, the Los Alamos Lab, and its employees captured my interests immediately. Even the characters relegated to `subplots' were three dimensional, sometimes with pretty rough edges-- I was brought into their minds where they grappled with realistic human issues: abandonment, trust, societal programming, and most weightily redemption from sins of omission as well as those of commission. All of this while battling low-life drug dealers, sophisticated international killers, and America's ineffectual nuclear weapons policies!

Although not a thriller aficionado, I have to give ZEROSCAPE 5 stars for breaking the mold of `action and pace at the expense of everything.' It is a real book, a fast-paced thriller with soul."

—John Bagwell Reviewer, Amazon.com Full Review

Disgraced MIT professor Richard 'Rick' Adams is recruited by the Los Alamos National Laboratory as the pivotal team member, verifying the operability of a post-Soviet Republic's gamma ray laser. But he is inveigled into a cabal of amorous traitors, the Feynman Friends.

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